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June 21, 2017
21 Jun 2017

Where does your rubbish go when using grab hire companies?

grab hire companies

Where does your rubbish go when using grab hire companies?

Grab hire companies are the perfect solution for your waste management and removal needs – whether it’s a construction or clearance job, it’ll make removing any waste materials so much easier. But this does conjure up a common question – where does all of this waste go? For the environmentally conscious in particular, its an important question to ask, so let us put your mind at ease.


Today, there are generally four different methods of getting rid of waste. These are using a landfill site, recycling the waste, incineration or simply preventing the waste from being produced in the first place. Unfortunately, on construction and clearing jobs, the last option is often not easy to do, and so we strive to make the most use out of recycling as possible.


When using a grab hire company, you are putting all of your waste removal responsibilities in our hands and rightly so. There are a few different locations that your waste will end up, depending on the type of waste and if it is recyclable or not. Either way, all waste will be handled responsibly, and we commit fully to try and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites. Any and all waste materials that can be recycled, such as stone, soils, metals, wood, cardboard, paper, plastics and garden waste will be taken to a recycling centre to be processed and sorted in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. Any other waste materials that cannot be recycled, such as toxic waste must be taken to landfill sites. We can assure you that every piece of waste that is recyclable will be recycled.


Recycling is not only for grab hire companies, however. In order to make waste management as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, recycling should be taking place in all homes and businesses. Landfill sites are becoming more and more packed each day, and it is everyone’s responsibility to try and reduce the amount of waste that ends up beneath the ground. Making full use of the recycling bins provided to your home means that you can do your part in keeping recyclable waste out of landfill. Thankfully, using a reputable and respected grab hire company gives you peace of mind that waste produced during construction or clearing is handled and sorted carefully, in order to make the best use of recycling.

May 5, 2017
05 May 2017

Tips on driving mini diggers safely

driving mini diggers

Tips on driving mini diggers safely


Mini diggers are huge pieces of equipment that can be dangerous when not operated properly. It is vital that drivers have the appropriate levels of experience and training, to limit the chance of accidents in the workplace. There are a few tips and tricks to follow to make sure that you are able to drive mini diggers safely – for you and your fellow workers.


Read the manual


With mini diggers come operation manuals – and they’re there for a reason. Make sure your read over the document carefully, and fully understand how to operate the machinery before attempting it. Even if you have extensive mini digger driving training, every digger is different – so reading the manual will ensure that you know everything about that particular model, including any features that are new or particularly complicated, and allow you to drive the mini diggers safely.


Read the labels


To drive mini diggers safely, you should make sure to read any warning labels and stickers that may be attached to the machine. This will educate you on things to look out for when operating the digger. The stickers may also show maintenance information, which will help when it comes to keeping the mini digger in the best condition, which will also ensure its longevity. A manufacturers tag will be present, which will provide a point of call when parts need replacing, or when you encounter any problems with the equipment.


Give it a test run first


Whether you are an experienced mini digger driver, you are a bit rusty or it’s your first time driving the machinery, it is important to give it a test run on some flat, clear ground before taking your skills into the workplace. It’s always a good idea to get used to the equipment in a safe place first, to make sure that you can operate the mini digger safely around the distractions of the workplace. Using flat ground to practice on will also make sure that you get used to the balance of the digger, to avoid it overturning.


Keep an eye on loose parts


Not only will parts become loose over time, but the machine may become rusty or damaged with excessive use. It’s important to keep an eye on any parts that are becoming aged, and replace them when necessary. Driving mini diggers safely is all about maintenance – if the machine is kept in good condition, it will be easier and safer to drive.

April 20, 2017
20 Apr 2017

construction industry


Common workplace injuries in the construction industry and how to avoid them


Working in the construction industry can be massively rewarding and come with many different benefits – despite this, it can be dangerous due to the regular operating of heavy machinery. Even though there are common injuries in the construction industry, there are ways to avoid them in order to keep you and your colleagues or employees safe.


Falls from height


In the construction industry, it is inevitable that at some point during your career, you will work at a height. The use of scaffolding is unavoidable during construction on larger buildings, so it is vital that you take the appropriate measured in order to stay safe. Falls from a height can cause broken bones, fractures or head injuries. To avoid this, ensure all scaffolding has the appropriate safety bars and that everyone wears sufficient head gear and clothing.


Falling objects


Objects can fall from a height too, potentially injuring anyone below. Injuries can vary from minor cuts and scrapes to major crush injuries to the head or brain. These injuries in the construction industry can serious hinder your ability to work. These hazards are easily avoidable by taking extra care when lifting heavy objects when working on scaffolding or balconies. Vigilance could save a colleague from months of recovery.


Tripping hazards


In the construction industry, it’s likely that there will be objects and debris blocking walkways and flooring. Tripping usually causes minor injuries, but can be serious, especially if the worker falls onto a hard object or into a large hole created by the building process. Unfortunately, debris is inevitable in the workplace, due to construction – however, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, making sure that debris doesn’t cause injury to you or others.




If equipment becomes damaged or proves to be defective during the construction process, then it could cause serious injury. Working in the construction industry means that you will be handling power tools, and sometimes even heavy machinery like diggers. If this equipment proves faulty, then it is important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent injury. It is a worker right to expect good quality tools and machinery


Exposure to irritants


Within the construction industry, there are a number of different irritants that can affect you. Asbestos and carbon monoxide can be found in a number of different construction projects, which unfortunately can alter a person’s quality of life completely. Should you come across any signs of these substances, a professional removal company should be contacted immediately.

March 15, 2017
15 Mar 2017

excavator hire

excavator hire

The benefits of excavator hire

There are a number of different benefits of excavator hire for any type of project, construction or domestic, big or small. With Dig and Shift, excavators can be hired on a self-drive basis or with a driver provided, depending on your needs. We cater for a variety of different budgets and timescales – so, if you need to hire excavators in Chester or Wirral, look no further than Dig and Shift.



We provide excavators in a range of different sizes, so no matter what you need them for –  small home or garden construction or large-scale projects – here at Dig and Shift, we have an excavator hire for you. Not only are our excavators delivered to your site at your specified time, but we also work to any exact requirements so you have guaranteed satisfaction with your service. We have micro diggers available for smaller domestic projects or relatively simple construction jobs, midi diggers for small demolition jobs and general ground works, and large steel tracker excavators for more demanding jobs.



With our excavator hire comes the wide range of knowledge and expertise that the Dig and Shift team have to offer. We have extensive experience in all types of projects, and therefore can give trusted advice on which excavator would be best suited for your job, to ensure the work is completed as efficiently and time effectively as possible. Our site surveys and consultations are completely free, so if you are unsure of the excavator that would work best for you, give us a call today.


Cost efficiency

When deciding on excavator hire as opposed to carrying out tasks manually or buying the equipment, you save both money and time. Buying an excavator instead of hiring one may be a long-term financial commitment that you don’t necessarily need to make – especially for one off jobs. Also, buying an excavator means that the versatility of the machinery is diminished – you may end up needing a different size for a different project, for example. By hiring excavators, you ensure that you don’t pay for any more time than you need, and you can hire different sizes and types – at Dig and Shift, we understand that you want to retain careful control over the budget for your project, and so we never charge for a consultation. You only pay for the time during which you actually use the excavator, allowing you to plan your budget in advance.


For more information about our products, you can get in touch here.

June 7, 2016
07 Jun 2016

Groundworks and more from Dig and Shift Wirral and Chester

Hire mini diggers & excavators from Dig and Shift Wirral

As a contractor, it is necessary to obtain machinery that will not disappoint you during construction or any other activity you require done. This is quite difficult at times since there are various companies offering the machinery. It is hard to differentiate which among them can be trusted to deliver the best machinery at a considerable rate. You can now relax since Dig and Shift are here to offer you the best machinery for groundworks Wirral can ever offer.

Groundworks Chester

About our reliable services and machinery at Dig and Shift.

At Dig and Shift, we offer the best services and machinery for groundworks Wirral, Chester, and North Wales has had. Our machinery is known for high quality, efficiency, and functionality. We have experience of over 10 years in the industry. We have also grown in our services to the extent of offering the best and affordable quotes. We have high-quality excavators which range from 900 kgs to 13000 kgs alongside an inclusive range of skid and dumpers.

We offer screener & crusher hire, top soil turf & aggregates, groundworks and operated hire, site clearance, and excavator & dumper hire. The fact that we are a registered waste carrier enables us to remove spoil and any other waste and dump it at licensed landfill sites. We also offer free site survey to all our clients since our primary obligation is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor, home owner, architect or developer, we have you sorted with our efficient machinery and quality services for your groundworks Wirral has to offer.

Dig and Shift specialize in site clearance, hard landscaping and excavating for groundworks Wirral, Chester, North Wales and the surrounding areas. The first step when offering this service is the free site survey. We then evaluate the size of machinery that will be needed to efficiently complete your project as soon as possible. After that, we provide you with the necessary equipment and resources. Our high-quality machinery is available in form of in- house machines that include 21-ton excavator’s dumpers & breakers and micro diggers. In addition, you can hire us to deliver materials such as limestone, topsoil, and aggregates to your site.

Groundworks Chester

All our staff have the required insurance and certificates alongside the necessary skills and training. When you hire a grab wagon from Dig and Shift, you are guaranteed to save both money and time. Grab wagons are known to get the work done 10 times more efficiently and quickly as compared to hiring a skip. Our grab trucks are fitted with special weight devices that ensure we do not overload past the maximum legal amount. We at Dig and Shift always work in agreement with the safety standards, health, law, and requirements of your business. This means that whenever you are looking for a company that can offer groundworks Wirral and Chester has, we are that company. You can get more information on our website at

December 15, 2014
15 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas from Dig and Shift

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

dig and shift collage

We have had a very busy year in deed, digging, shifting and removing material from our clients sites. This year has also seen us open our very own inert waste transfer site in Ellesmere Port where we recycle and crush waste and recyclable materials.

We have ended this year with a fantastic Christmas party in Parkgate. We hope that next year will bring us as much as this year has and more.

If you require any of our services including grab wagon hire, excavator hire, screener and crusher hire, aggregates, site clearance and groundworks please get in contact today for your free site survey on 01513538000. We serve Wirral, Chester and North Wales.

Once again Merry Christmas and thank you for a fantastic year!



November 18, 2014
18 Nov 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

With our latest project we were that busy we ended up creating our own traffic!

dig blog


Head to head our trucks were last week, all busy digging and shifting this site. If you need any of our services including grab wagon and muckshifting, mini digger and excavator hire, site clearance, groundworks and operated hire, screener and crusher hire or top soil, turf and aggregates and your in the areas of Wirral, Merseyside, Chester and North Wales give us a call for a free site survey on 01513538000 for Wirral and Merseyside or 01244421007 for Chester and North Wales.


October 20, 2014
20 Oct 2014

What do our customers have to say about us?

Here at Dig and Shift we have a very loyal customer base that keeps growing and growing year on year and we couldn’t thank you all enough for your kind words.

Thanks to your recommendations and reviews our business has expanded and we have now opened our own waste transfer site in Ellesmere Port as well as purchasing new machinery and trucks that enables us to offer more services and to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

On our Facebook page our customers couldn’t have said a nicer word about us, lets take a look at what they said:











We can provide clients in Wirral, Chester and North Wales with our services including grab wagon hire, excavator hire, screener and crusher hire, site clearance, aggregates and groundworks.

If you require our services or would like a free onsite survey please call 01513538000 for Wirral or 01244421007 for Chester.


September 29, 2014
29 Sep 2014

New Inert Waste Transfer Station Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that we will be soon opening our new inert waste transfer station that will offer tipping facilities to our customers new and old.


We will also be able to offer customers a range of recycled aggregates such as:

Crushed Concrete
Recycled Type 1 Mot
Crusha Run
Crushed Brick
Top Soil
Drainage medium

You can find our new station Ellesmere Port just off junction 9 M35. Our new inert waste transfer station will compliment our new landfill site in Tarporley, Cheshire. Please keep a look out for further details!


August 14, 2014
14 Aug 2014

Bye Bye House

Well this is probably the first time we can we didn’t enjoy knocking something down, the house is beautiful don’t you think? No we’re just kidding, its our job and we love it!

The demolition of this property started this week and will be followed with excavations for a new build.

Remember if you’re in the Wirral, Chester, Cheshire and North Wales area and require our first class services including groundworks and operated hire, grab wagon hire, excavator hire, screener and crusher hire, site clearance and top soil, turf and aggregates then please call today on 01513538000 for a free site survey and quotation:

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